Friday, November 5, 2010

The last week in Malacca

The year of 2010 will be ended soon.
And now I am having my final examination.
Almost everyday having revision for some subjects.
But I really don't know why some one is so selfish to me??
They are having some important notes for certain subjects.
But, they do not want to share with me!!!
I feel so disappointing to them.
We are already in the same class almost 3 years.
But their attitudes are so TERRIBLE!!
Sometimes I feel like wanna to KILL them!!
Although this will not happen la, I hope to try IT!!
The way I release all stress, unhappiness!!
I went for a refresh yesterday!!
I meet her, them...
I feel so fresh after having a nice, relax refreshing!!
I drove a long journey, I feel tired.
I wanna to have a long rest.
Rest In Peace is the latest hope!!
Could I??
Can I??

The last jogging in the Jungle!! I wanna to run out lol....Bye!!=)

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