Monday, November 22, 2010

Wonderful but busy weekend!!

Last weekend was a quite busy week for me...
I almost ate outside everyday.
No time for me to cook at home.
From Monday till Sunday, I went dinner 3 times in the restaurant.
And mostly like is this dinner.....Coz is my "uncle" 's weeding dinner.
Having this weeding dinner in a new restaurant near Seremban 2. 
Silver dragon with grand renovation!!
He is my youngest uncle in the family.
I would like to wish him Happy Marriage!! Hope you be father soon...hehehe
This is my first time saw my uncle so handsome leh!!wakakakakakakaka....
In normal days, he just in his short pants and t-shirt.
On that day, he looks like a SUPERSTAR!!!
I meet so many other relatives on that day.
Feel fun and happy...
I sit in our Chinese lucky number table which is 8!! HuAT AH!!! hUAT!!! HUAT!!

Really full of people...
People mountain people SEA!!

 Both of us are waiting for FOOD!!!hehehehe...

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