Saturday, July 11, 2009

Backpack [part 2]

I continue my journey to Kuala Perlis...
When I arrived at Kuala Perlis Jetty, the time already 4pm.
We suppose to take the bus from Perlis to Butterworth.
But....when we walk to the bus station, the ticket seller told us that Kuala Perlis do not have bus travel to Butterworth.
Then we quickly take a teksi to Kangar.
When we arrived at Kangar, It's already 5pm.
We suppose to take the 4.30pm bus. We missed the bus!!!!
That we round up in Kangar until 6.30pm.

Then we had a short travel in Kangar.
This place is the capital of Perlis.
A nice place which is small.
A place contain many paddy...
But...Such paddy can't be ready to eat for us..
coz it was salty...
The soil becomes salty....salty...salty...

Those are photos we took in Kangar....

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