Friday, July 17, 2009

AIA Insurance...

This morning i had receive a big envelope with policy...
AIA International Insurance Berhad!!!!!
Why the letter is for ME??????
When I apply for insurance?????
How I approve it?????


The contain:
Dear Chang,
This is the policy that issued on 14 July 2009.Your policy will be end on 14th July 2023.....This letter is to acknowledge you that your policy will start on this August....We will start the charges on August.The payment will be charge by your credit card....You only pay us rm180 each month.When you are in the age of33, you can get back fully.This policy can be claim including your accident payment in hospital, education.

Your sincerely,
Ong Siew Ting,
Director Manager.

After that,
I straight away run to the AIA Insurance office in Seremban.
I need to cancel this policy immediately.

I wrote a letter to them and send to the HQ.

Don't pick up your phone that the number you don't know.
If they is selling you something, reject them on time...
The best way is turn down your phone!!!!!


luckystar said...

hey....i did telemarketer before for cimb bank simply gif ur credit card num out....n becareful before you said yes to stranger..

Nick Chang journal said...

thanks a lot...Luckily i had cancel it...who r u?

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