Sunday, May 23, 2010

Jusco Member Day 2010

Last Thursday was the only Jusco Member Day in Seremban.

I bring my aunt for some stuffs shopping!!!
We went there at the afternoon because I am only free after a short part time.
There many people stuck in the shopping mall since 8.30am.
WTH????You guys & gals no need to work meh???
So free can go shop here??

All of them are crazy in shopping no wonder you are kids, children, adult, teenagers, adult, even the old grannies!!!
In this conditions, we had to line-up to do payment after purchased those stuffs.
What For MAN???RIGHT???

Not so cheap also!!!

Those items are all no use for me too.................

In that day, the arrogant JUSCO do some stupid attitude to the customers which is the management announced that JUSCO MEMBER DAY is just open for those we with their J-card to enter the shopping mall.
The people without member card, they are not allowed in!!!*WTH*!!!

Some of them are so angry to this stupid way of doing!!!
Some customers even go back home!!

That I damn unlucky, the sky cry!
I became a wet-chicken when i try to get my car.
My car park outside park lots which is opposite Jusco.
Then i use to get my car back to fetch up my aunt but the heavy rain made me disappointing!!
Luckily, I met 1 auntie who I really don't know her with her good intention take me over the place to catch up my car!!!

Thanks, Auntie XXX!!!

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