Sunday, May 2, 2010

The day before DAMAGED

finally, I can update my blog.
Sorry for all readers.

In this semester 4, all the systems changed.
My college management is totally different and all lazy people doing nothing.

I am just finished my 5 assignments last Thursday.
I am a super hero in this semester because I do all assignments in the last minutes cause all lecturers give us the questions in the last minutes.

I know all of you tried this before in rushing all assignments in 1 week!!!

I rush all of that in the night.
Last Thursday, I gonna pass-up all the assignments before I back home.

And finally I am SAFE!!!
Thank, God...

And I will face my Final Examinations in this coming Tuesday.
But I haven't get my timetable.
Haha...Lousy college lousy management!!

And now I gonna continue my revisions, Bye!!
Good Night!!=D

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