Thursday, May 13, 2010

How Many Wiggies?

This week is the most fantastic week to me and YOU!!!

Coz ProjectAlpha Season 2 brings us to the new Fun and enjoyable world!!!

This is we have a CONTEST!!!

For the concert of P1Wimax giving us a nice and out of the ordinary broadband, which is WIGGY!!!

WiGGY as we know it is a small and tiny broadband in Malaysia but it is totally different from others!!
Because WIGGY gives YOU affordable speed and higher usage quota which can help you do more with your works and done well in your performances!!!

All you need to do now is you just open you eyes big......big.........big..........big........ and do what child can do too which is count how many WIGGY are there in the photo upward there!!!

To prevent all of you see well on it, you can also click here to enlarge it more clearly!!!

Come here to join us with WIGGY!!!
Don't sit there, move your body!!!

These are the video for ProjectAlpha Season 2 in episodes 22-25.
Enjoy your clips here.

Don't forget to stay tune to update yourself with US!!!

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