Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Fate Vs Luck

Do you believe in Fake??

What will be your fake during the arriving in this world of peaceful??

Can i know my fake since I am now headache with it??

I am not believe in fake because i can change what i want and need.

I know that my fake will change when i expend more to what i need and want.

I know some people believe what they have now is their fake but for me fake is just a story.

How about luck??

Since you are born, the good luck and bad luck will follow you all the time.

Why sometimes we are so ''hak chai'??

Hak Chai??
In my dictionary, there is no such word appear.
Wakakaka...because i believe myself during all my life.

Please think more about your fake and your luck too!!!

Wish you all the best and good 'luck' forever!!!=)

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