Tuesday, May 25, 2010

I wanna watch Toy Story 3

I have been waiting so long time for this childhood memory-Toy Story!!!

There are 3 series now!!!

TOY STORY 3 is my dream to watch this movie in the cinema!!!

I miss all the characters in this movie!!!
Those cutie characters is my favorite!!!
Especially, I love BUZZ LIGHTYEAR~~*laugh*
Although I am now 20 years old, I still keep the toys for collections!!
BUZZ LIGHTYEAR's voice is so cute and jokey!!!
When 'he' talks, I surely will laugh until my face become red like a ''monkey BUTT''!!!*laugh*
BUZZ LIGHTYEAR is the space ranger action figure it all!!

But in this TOY STORY 3, there will be new characters too!!
Which is also cute like me!!!*laugh*
Such as:

Ken Doll
Barbie, last seen playing tour guide to Hamm the piggy bank and Mr. Potato Head in Toy Story 2, is rewarded by finally being able to meet this so-called "swinging bachelor."

Lotso, as he is known, marks a milestone for the computer-animated franchise that began in 1995 and continued in 1999 as the first plush toy.

What child doesn't love peas? Probably quite a few, but not when they are as sweet as this felt-covered threesome.

Ring-ring! The Fisher-Price Chatter Telephone is a classic pull toy that has been inspiring giggles for many generations, while building motor skills and balance. Preschoolers can’t resist the friendly face with eyes that move up and down when they pull the toy along, and the bright colors and pleasing sounds keep them happy and engaged. Chatter Telephone is ideal for the little hands in your life.

Sparks will fly – literally – during electrifying playtimes with your new robot friend Sparks!

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