Saturday, September 11, 2010

Land of the love-Pangkor Island

A great island located near Lumut, Perak.
I had just stepped on the land of this wonderful area of 21km ².
There are 28,000 of popular which included:
16,000 of Chinese, 10,000 of Malays & 2,000 of Indians.
60% of fishermen, 40% of businessmen...
Majority of Chinese are fishermen....(35% of Rich-men)
With a Rm10 2 ways' ticket and started with this great visit.

After 30 minutes, we arrived at the Pangkor 's new jetty.
After stepped into this wonderful nice island, having a sight-seeing with a pinky.

Have a prawn noodles for a great start.*yummy*

1st stop at Dutch Fort.

A place with some history about Pulau Pangkor.

Because of morning session, there are so many fresh seafood.
Fishes are cheap and fresh.
Next stop i went to the "little" great wall of China .

Then have a stop at the satay fish factory.

Sorry to say that I didn't buy any stuffs but I ate MANY!!*wakakakakakaka*
After passing by the Teluk Nipah, the visit is ended with our lunch.
It is just a day trip.
So, there are just few to elaborate.*sorry*
But, I would like to introduce to all of you to visit here.
There are many wet activities too...

I would like to thank this uncle too..He explains many about Pangkor to me!!hehe=)
The visit ended with US!!*hehe*


Thristhan said...

Pangkor Island, I've been there before too, cool place right? I like the boat ride. Check out the photos on my blog too.

Jong said...

The Dutch Fort can be access by foot??

Nick Chang journal said...

@thristhan yes, a cool place!!haha..

@jong it can be access by foot..u must visit thr!!