Friday, September 10, 2010

Happy Holiday!

Today is our Hari Raya Aidilfitri after a month fasting!
As usual, my college is now having holiday for us including non-Muslim.*coz v r 1Malaysia*

My holiday already started since 3rd of September!
And usually I plan to have some short trip too...
For relaxing mind....

This holiday I went our lovely high-land!!

Yes!!It's Cameron Highlands!!
Although it was just a short visit it is so fun!!

The 1st stop is having a great steamboat in this restaurant.

Traditional steamboat with charcoal 'boat'.
The fresh vegetables and others ingredients...

It just cost us Rm16 per person.

Then we had a great stay in Desa Atrium Apartment for a night.
The cold whether makes us feel so comfortable.
Because of raining, the whether is so super COLD!!
But i use to not having my blanket beside me too...*hehe*
Maybe my body is full of fat's molecules!!*hehe*

The next day we went to the cactus valley near Brinchang.

Many cactus and also strawberries!!
I bought a box to try, but it is so damn SOUR!!!*yerrrrrrr*
Then I use to have an ice-tube.

A nice taste with some strawberry's seeds inside.

Have to try it if you are able to visit there too...

Next,the 3rd stop is having a shop in the market.

I buy some sweet corn and some Ipomoea batatas(sweet potatoes).

It tastes not too sweet but tasty.
It sells in cooked condition!
It is so cheap and just cost me RM2 per packet.

Fresh vegetables are selling in whole Cameron Highlands!!
When you visit to the market, you have to try this also.
The bee's!!
The sweet taste with some honey!!
Taste like having biscuit!!
Buy some dried flowers too!!
Nice smell!!

P/S: Next post will be my next visit to an island!!Nice, fun!!


ken said...

but i not holiday =/

atoqa said...

wah, enjoy your holiday ya!

Nick Chang journal said...

@ken why u r not in holiday??

@atoqa hello...