Thursday, September 9, 2010

The countdown with them

A very good morning to everyone. 
I feel so sorry that I left this lovely world for a long long time.
Finally, I get to have some new updates from myself to all of you.
Being a good Malaysian, we should always remember our Malaysia's concept 
which is 1Malaysia!
Malaysia just celebrated the 53th years of independent.
As usual, majority of Malaysians will celebrate with our lovely country-Malaysia.
I am proud to be a Malaysian living with several of races.
This year is the 53th years old for Malaysia and me already 20 years living in this 
peaceful country.

This celebration is also our long long gathering with my great BUDDIES!!

A great meet with you!

Love you all.....
Miss you too....
Enjoy with you all....
Time flied, we already 2o years old.Getting older now...
We are having a 1Malaysia too..
Miss him a lot...
We have almost 2 years didn't meet up!!
Feel so happy that day we can meet up...
Waiting for the next meet too...
Brandon Liu, a superman with WWF now!!

both of us!!

Both of them already know each other more than 16 years!!
Such a great brothers!!
A great history telling in this countdown gathering!!

Meet a new friend also..This is-Maya!!
A great friend to be..Nice to meet you, Maya!!
And we count down with my lovely sister also la!!
Wish her can loss her weight in this year 2010!!
Good luck, sister!!

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Thristhan said...

Cool in the spirit of 1Malaysia :)