Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The Cat's city - Kuching [Day 1 ]

 Just back from the best town in Malaysia, Kuching with a great lesson learned!
The environment here is totally different from our West Malaysia. 
It's Kuching...miaooooo..miaoooo....miaooooo~~
This time is so special trip with my 2 lovely seniors whom are cute, friendly, lovely Wen Shi and Wei Kiat!
Thanks a lot for the wonderful, prefect vacation!
We are so happy, proud to depart from KLIA!

This 27th June 2011, around 8.30am, departures from KLIA, fly with Fireflyz, The community airways!

The flight started with a great weather. The layers of cloud is so NICE!

After getting our boarding pass, let's step-into the other waiting hall to do some camwhore!
The handsome guy with 2 cutest gals!!*weeeeee*
After 1 hour 30 minutes, finally we REACHED the warmest town- Kuching, Sarawak!
With the warm welcome from WoJia Lodge, our trip started!
The joker from the lodge pick us up from the airport to the town.
Here we are, WoJia Lodge, owned by a caring guy - Ming!
The environment is so comfortable, it just look like my lovely home sweet home.
We met a fervent gal from USA, but born in Kuching with her great recommend about her hometown!
The visit to Kuching is running smoothly after getting so many suggestions from the locals...
Thanks a lot...Love,ya!!
Time to run a risk for THE CATSsssssssssss!!
1st stop, we get into the ONLY Chinese History Museum in Malaysia.
The uncle told us that this is the ONLY CHINESE MUSEUM in MALAYSIA sponsored by the Chinese.

The internal decorations....

2nd stop: The FOOD!!
The Kolo Mee, special made in Sarawak, tasty, flavor with some vinegar.....
Actually, there are so many stores selling the same Kolo Mee....
But, I can't get it in the 1st day. So might eat the "lousy" one 1st la!!*hehe*
Now, let me tell you how "good" it is!
The mee is not the normal Kolo Mee use, it is the dried noodles something like C***** Mee....
Then hor, it is so DRY!
The sauce is not enough + so OILY!!
Then, the meat is not fresh enough!
Normally, we will order drinks for the meal too...Then, I ordered the Leong Cha for it.
Walaooooooooo~~~ I feel like I am drinking the coughing Chinese Medicine, Pi Pa Gao!!*OMGGggggg*

3rd stop: The TOWN!
The town is so small to walk.. The cars are like the "land turtles"...SUPER SLOW!!
The shops are very old ordi....

4th stop: SEXY lady is calling US!!
The locals introduce us the "WHITE LADY" in the town....
The sexy lady is waiting for our visit...More than 20 over years of experiences for serving US the best in the TOWN...This it is!!
The uncle's stall!! Selling the Ais Kacang but only special ingredients for the SARAWAKIANSssssss!!

The lady is IT!!

The drinks with evaporated milk, mixed fruits, syrup....etc...A nice drink during HOT weather!
The another Green Guy is waiting also!
Methahon, a green jelly mixed with syrup ice, something like "ABC"....
Lets get some refreshment too...We have Cha Kueh + Rojak!
And then we have ROJAK!!
5th stop: 5 star hotel tour
3 crazy guy & gals run into the Pullman Hotel for the warm lobby's sofa!!*haha*
The Pullman hotel is so grand and comfortable! 3 of US felt asleep leh!! *paiseh*
Let's do some flavor things = PHOTO SHOOTING
The soft sofa is so comfort leh!!
After laying Pullman's sofa, let's me introduce you some great DEAL!
We got THIS! The delicious, yummy cakes & buns.
The cheapest cakes in the 5 star Pullman Hotel! Coz that time people is doing LELONG!!*haha*
So, we got IT!!
 After having this big DEAL, it's time for us to back to the real world, WoJia Lodge!! The best LODGE in KUCHING!
The night ended with my BIG SMILE!

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