Thursday, July 7, 2011

The Cat's city - Kuching [Day 2 ]

The time flied!!
Time to update it for my wonderful Kuching walk!!
The day 2- Wonderful Culture Village
Early in the morning, we ate our 5 star breakfast in our lodge dining room...
The great environment + the 5 star BREAKFAST= SUPER DAY!!
Then, 3 of us walk to the Grand Margherita Hotel to take our shuttle bus service to the Sarawak Culture Village.
Actually, we booked one day before the visit. It costs us RM20 for 2 ways shuttle service.
And I take the package for the SCV which is RM 75 included entrance fees and shuttle service!!
The time is still early, so have a photo shooting 1st la!!!*haha*
After a 45 minutes ride, finally we arrived!!!
The road is rugged and rough!! We are like riding the roller coaster!!*FAINT*
Our fats inside the body is coming out after the ride!!!*haha*
Here is it!! The Sarawak Culture Village
SCV is also the home of The Rainforest World Music Festival!!

I get my "passport" after purchasing my ticket!!
This passport is special for the visitors to collect the stamps for the visit to each long house!!
The sticker given too for the entrance purpose.
During the visit, there is also a culture show for us at 11.30am and also 4.00pm.
The show is nice to see, the dancers are all Professional!!!
After the show, we continue with our visit to the long houses!!
The big, grand long house is so nice!!
We had our photo session with the Ibans....

Because it was raining, so we might going back to the town area at the time of 3pm.
Then, we continue with FOODDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD!!!
We went into the local coffee house!!
The Black Bean Coffee- the best coffee in Malaysia compare with Star***** & Coffee****....

This special roasted coffee beans are all plant in Sarawak!! 
 You should try it!!! Ini lagi best!!!
 We ordered these 3 different coffee using the Sarawak Liberica & Java Robusta!!
The taste of the coffee is so smooth!!
The ice-cream cappuccino

The iced Latte

The iced Espresso

Sure you will <3 it!!!

After the coffee session, we walked across the road to get our dinner!!
The Taiwanese dishes- Life Cafe

The dishes & environment is so comfort!!

The prices are reasonable!!
The food is good tasted!!
Can try it when You are in KUCHING!!
The day ended with a GREAT SMILE!!
to be continue.......


Lindy said...

Indeed Black Bean has the best coffee in Kuching!! :)

Thristhan said...

Yummy food. Havent been to Sarawak yet, but hopefully will be going there soon.

Anonymous said...

Hi there, im a passerby but would luv to know more bout kuching to plan my trip for this coming December. Saw your trip quite interesting. May i know where you book the transportation to the Semenggoh and Cultural Village? Please advise =)