Sunday, July 24, 2011

The Cat's City- Kuching[ Day 4]

Time flied!! 
Today already 4th day!! Time to back to the world where we from!!
Today, we wake up early in the morning for our final mission = USE UP ALL OUR MONEY!!*haha*
把钱花光, 为国争光 !!
We found this place = Kim JooNoodles

Their Kolo Mee is quite famous in Sarawak.
Kim Joo 's taste is totally different from the others coz they use the Black Vinegar while others use White Vinegar. But actually, you will not feel too sour as well...
The taste is not bad, quite nice!!
We ordered the basic taste with meat balls, fish cakes,char-siew, etc..
 Their store is near Carpenter Street, it just opposite Life Cafe!!
Next, we get into this cafe for the famous Sarawak Laksa!!
This is it - Madam Tang's Cafe which is located at St. Bishopgate..

It is also somewhere in Carpenter St. as well...

The most local taste Kuching Laksa that we found here!
 The taste is abit over la...I don't think people whom like the smooth taste will like it much la!
But, myself tasted it and feel it is just ""
Coming up next as well...
The desert - Have a Break, 中街老店

The environment is so nice...Because of the Hot weather, we ordered some cold drinks as well!! *weeeee*

Get in some ice....we have.....

After having our desert, we continue to have our lunch!!
We went back to the yesterday food court to continue our meal!!*haha*
We just manage to order 3 dishes because our fully occupied stomach!!!*paiseh*
The same drinks, Sugacane with Coconut..
Then, we have rojak as our appetizer!!
I love most!! This Rojak taste so GREAT!! *thumb up*
We have Sweet & Sour Chicken!
Then, we have Midin cook with alcohol!!This 1 wouldn't get you mabuk la!!*haha*
And finally, we have Sarawak Pineapple!!*deng..deng....deng....*sweet.....sweet....sweet...
After lunch, we have to leave such great place...
But, before that, sure we have to take more more more more more more PHOTOSSssssssss....
We walk back to our lodge, then have our crazy shoot!!*haha*
With the lodge worker!!
Then, finally we get to have a new friend from Kuching!! Mr. Lee!
Thanks for the all you acc us!!=)
The 2 hungry "ghost" with lots of food inside the stomach!!*haha*
Around 5pm, we left the lodge and straight forward to the Kuching International Airport! Bye, Kuching!!
Before leaving here, let's have a group photo! *yeah*


Lindy said...

LOL, looks like you've explored almost every part of Kuching, where you guys live when you're in Kuching? Which lodge if I may know? Mr. D's? :)

Nick Chang journal said...

hey,Lindy!! Thanks for the visit..
We live in WoJia Lodge near Main's just in front of Waterfront!! It's so NICeeeeeee.....