Sunday, June 5, 2011

My fly to Philippines-Day 2

The day is really fun, happy...but I am so tired!!
Because of the room, we got to do more!!
The rental rules are so complicated and super dicious Justin Bieber SUSAH la!!
We have to move our every morning in the 8 and only can step back into the room in the night at 8pm!!
So, every morning we have to pack our luggage!!*OMG*
2nd day is so nice...
I had my pancake & also a hamburger which are the cheapest breakfast in Philippines.
 Then we get into the MRT to have our next stop.
Get our ticket, which cost us 12 peso per person.
When I am in Philippines, I saw so many of them without place to live, they even sleep on the roof and also on the staircase!!!*OMG*

1st stop, we stop here....Rizal Park.
Rizal Park (also known as Luneta Park) is an urban and historical park located in the northern end of Roxas Boulevard, alongside Manila Bay, in the heart of the city of Manila, Philippines.
This park is really big like hell!!My legs are gonna to break after a long journey!!*tired*
After crossing this big field, we walk towards to the next stop which is just opposite Rizal Park, near Manila Bay Walk, our lovely place- Manila Ocean Park!

There are many shows to watch. We decide to have the Oceanarium, Jellies, Sea Lion Show in the afternoon. It costs us 500 peso per person. It is so worth to have this visit.

The sea lion is so cute when it is performing....*haha*
The jellies here are so nice, cute....
They look alike our body red blood cells!!
After the visit in Manila Ocean Park, it was around 3pm.
The weather here is damn HOT, let's have some cold drink before continue our journey....
Then, we walk to Intramuros, Philippines!
A place full with histories, colleges, old churches and last but not least the old historical buildings.

I love this place so much because there are so many nice wonderful places to me to step in....
We went to the oldest church in Manila- San Agustin Church!
This it is!!! San Agustin Church
There is an entrance for us to have a visit in this old church.
A token fee of 100 peso needed when visiting.

The interior design is so grant and huge!
The church is still operating for people to have their wonderful marriage ceremony in the main hall.
In this main hall, I saw a scary dead body which is inside the coffin. I think the dead body is the ex-priest in this church.Normally, the priest will be kept in the church after they died.
After that, I walk to another church which is nearby the area.

Because of raining, we managed to get the carriage to continue our journey in Intramuros.
It brings us to round the area. It is so interesting and fun. But too sad to the house also. Because it is so hard to the house to carry 5 of us included the driver and the another assistant!!sob...sob...sob...
The journey took around 1 hour. After that, it brings us to the nearby MRT station.
We had our dinner in there also.The food is really nice and cheap. Just 25 peso per bowl.
But I am so frighten when I am eating beside the road. There are so many beggars are pulling my shirt when I am eating.

 Our hungry do not end with this bowl of noodles.
We get some other food too.

And finally our stomach got FULL!!*haha*
Both of my legs become dark like beggar too after walking the whole day...

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