Sunday, May 29, 2011

My fly to Philippines-Day 1

This is a great city with Love, Life, People but DIRTY AIR!!
We bought our air ticket from AA on Dec 2010.
We count down everyday, every moment, every second, every minutes....
And finally 22nd May 2011 is HERE!!
The day before, 3 of us done our "camping" in KL Sentral for the whole night!!=)
These are our "small" luggage with our 4 days components....*hehe*
After 3 hours camping beside McDonald, we took the shuttle bus (Aerobus-Rm8 per way) from there to LCCT!!
It takes about 1 hour to there. So, the important things we done was SLEEPING!!*haha*

We check in our luggage and also HUMAN la....*hehe*
The "small" bag of mine is over-weighted so I have to pay extra RM50 for it!! *WTH*

Now AA really EXPENSIVE leh!! The luggage now already RM35 for 15kg ONLY!!!
Last time I book for only RM25 for 10kg....WHY THE SLOGAN:" NOW EVERYONE CAN FLY" is not WORKING anymore??????

Come back to our main topic....

After 3hour 40 minutes fly, we arrived here!!
The Diosdado Macapagal International Airport (DMIA) which located in Clark, Philippines.
It takes 2 hours to arrive in Manila City.
We took the bus from the airport and it costs us 450 Peso each person.
Time flied!! After the long journey, I reached HERE!!!
The 1st thing we do is find out our HOTEL!!

I booked my accommodation before heading here, but at last we didn't stay there.
I think we kena TIPU la!!
They charge us extra USD 27.7 for the room.
But we didn't stay there also.
If you are going to book your room, please do not use!!!

The city is so busy, full with cars, public transports....
The special Jeepney is here!!
The most cheapest transportation in Philippines.

Because the previous hotel is too far, so we find another 1 la!!
The Bermuda Inn, a special rate given with special terms & conditions.
The room cost us 675 Peso and the time for us to step into the room is from 8pm-8am!!
I think this is the 1st time we rent room like this!!*haha*
The night is still young after we got our room...
The food, great show!!
fried eggs with chicken's body!!
You have to try it!!
And fruits, pig skin....etc....Chow King's halo-halo, ramien with siumai!!

1st day ENDED!!

2nd day coming.......


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Hibiscus Raya said...

nice trip with friends.