Monday, May 2, 2011

DiGi's WWWow Awards here now!!

This is the time for me to get FAMOUS!!
I want to be POPULAR!! But not the POPULAR book shop la!!!

Dear all my lovely, funny, wonderful, great FRIENDS, RELATIVES,    
YI MA GU JIE......
Your lovely Nick Chang is going to have a great time with you if I won this award!!!
I really hope all of you will fully support to me!!
Not even sit there to support, but click in to vote for me!!*hehe*
Vote me as more as you can la!!!
I LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!*muacks*

The award is here now!!
DiGi WWWow Awards 2011
Let's make me to the TOP!!
I want to get your support now!!
DiGi WWWow Awards 2011
 - a great time for me to get something for my life become more wonderful!!
This awards will give to have more time to know about Nick Chang!!
Support me more ya???
I am waiting for you to vote as more as you can do it!!

If you vote me, you will stand a chance to win some great prizes!!
The prizes will be a big KISS from ME!!hahaha...
Do you want it??*laugh*

The world can't live without Blogger, Facebook, Twitter...etc....
Come, Do me a flavor now!!
MOVE it, Move your body!!!

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