Monday, May 9, 2011

Bye, diploma

Yeepee!! Yeah!! Yaahoo!! 
But I'm not available for YOU!!
Yesterday was the last paper for my 3 years Diploma course!
A long journey to walk through all examinations, assignments, works, complete this course with joyful and happiness!
I feel like a bird now...Coz I'm flying on the sky with freedom!!*haha*

I still remember the time I reach this jungle was 2008 in the age of 18.
In that time, our college was not famous like Taylor's International University College, Inti University College, Sunway University College, etc.....
Although my college not as big as those famous college.
But now, Our college LAGI HEBAT THAN YOURS NOW!!!wakakakakakkaka

Time flied! And now, 2011, I am 21. I finished my DIPLOMA luuuuuu~~
I would like thanks all lecturers who taught me since I am new in the college.
Thank you so much for everything!
Then, I want to thank all my classmates (majority Malays) who love me so much!! *hehe*
They bring me food, baju kurung for me during the time at college.
I love the ketupat + daging salai from Kedah, Laksa from Pahang, Ikan bilis masak sambal keing from Batu Pahat, Johor, Baju Kurung from Pekan,Pahang...
Thanks for all the items I got it from this few years!!
Hope that our future will full with colors and joy!
Good luck & All The Best, DAcc Batch 2008-2011!!!

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