Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The last and the only ONE

This semester is gonna to end soon...
Our 3 years life in Malacca will be end in 2 more weeks soon..
So our class make this nice picnic in the beach for our last memory for everyone!!

We are so excited on the day....Everyone do their own responsibility...and also ME laaaaaaaa.....
Early in the morning, I drove back to my college to get someone into my cars...
While waiting for the guys to arrive, of coz we took some camwhore la.....
Let's squeeze in,GALSssssssss.......*woohoo*
After 1 hour, finally the guys are here!!

Driving is the best skill that I have!!
So, being the driver is of coz ME la!!
Arrived the Pengkalan Balak Beach here!!
Everyone start to move things out and make a fire for our BBQ!!*yeepee*
#6                                                                                   #7

Should have a great big big big big THANK YOU to the guys who made us the food!!
They really done their great jobs to prepare the things!!
Love you guys,ya???
The most wonderful time is being with them for almost 3 years.
I missed those time we play, we laugh, we laugh, we argue, we make noise.....
Although these times gone, we still stay alive!!
Our batch is the BEST!!

Hope everyone of us will have a great future.
Hopefully can do well in the final exam!!
I hope that we will have a great life in our future!!
Meet you guys is my wonderful time!!
Bye, DA6!!!

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