Friday, April 1, 2011

My Mission DONE

Sorry for the late post for this event that happened on last week.
This is the programme that I haven't joined before.
This is my 1st try for it..
Yes!! I have DONE it smoothly!!
This is a project which supported by International Planned Parenthood Federation and sponsored by The Netherlands' Government with a title of IPPF/Salin Plus Fund Project.

Due to the reason I joined my last "employee", NSFPA which is Negeri Sembilan Family Planning Association, so I have be chosen to become the peer educator for this project for my state.
We would like to thanks to IPPF & the Netherlands Government for the funding!!

This project have a nice conclusion which these youths have been done well for their job and responsibilities....
From this project, I know that there are no discrimination against the poor from the rich.
And this ended with Dissemination Seminar in Swiss Garden Hotel, Kuala Lumpur.
I gained more experiences from the youths from other states..

Although there are still many problems, they will still on-going for this wonderful project to have a world without ORPHANS!!
I hope that YOUTH do Well, Adults done GREAT!!!

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