Friday, October 1, 2010

WIth lovely Yong Kang Ning

Last Sunday, a day of boring, feel like wanna to meet up with you.
Messaging started at 11am.
Both of us are in the same mode- DOING NOTHING AT HOME

Having a decision before we move to a coffee shop.
Time: 1.30pm
Date: 26th Sep 2010
Place: Old Town Coffee, S*******
People: 2 females
Topic: !@#$%^&*(@#$%^&* anything, gossip
Few months before we meet, after few months.....
You changed!!
You move into a new life.
You started your university's life.
You have a nice face now.*laugh*
You have a sweet couple-ing.
You look so "slim".
 You didn't call me "drumstick".
We chat almost 5 hours there.
Sitting there with a cup of white coffee, with rainy sky( coz the sky is touching with both of us)
At the corner, just our sound of laughing.
I missed all the time we bilibala in the classroom.
Singing in the class, doing great things in school, full band in CW.....

I love those occasions happened!!
I love our 'volcano' of life!!
Hopefully we can be such "insane".



chris federick said...

Haha i can imagine the insaneness of u two lol.

melmonica said...

So nice get to hangout with friends. Cheerios~