Sunday, December 12, 2010

I am the CHeapeST!!

Finally, I get to be a tourist again since my holiday started long long long long long long long long time AGO!!
This time we went Malacca again!! *laugh*
Malacca AGAIN?? *gosh*

No choice.....because of them!!
I have to be a FOC tourist guide!!
Besides that, I have to drive for them toooooooooooooooo
So pity, right???
Slightly started our journey with some fried rice which is cooked by ME!!
*sorry, I forgot to take photo*
Next time lahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Then, our 1st stop for my tourists are MALACCA ZOO!!
Visited here before!! But all my tourists haven't visit before...So, no choice lol!!
RM 7 for adult& RM 5 for child below age of 12!!
Then have some photo session for them!!
FOC again!!

Then, have our lunch in the little cottage!!
The Ronald's place!!
Laksa session....But not ME!!

I just had some Rojak!!

Then walk through Red House, pass by Tourist Police Station...
I meet  the "handsome" police with the HORSE!!

As I know that, there are quite long time disappear from my sight...But my lucky horses are here again!! *laugh*

Then finally my work stops when they DO shopping at Dataran Pahlawan!!
Tiring is a best way to release STRESS!!

 But mostly, we learned what we had!!

3 of us!! Enjoying our photo shoot!!!

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