Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Terrible day!!

This morning after woke up from the bed, i feel whole of my body got pain....
All the bones cracking with sound!!!*crack*
Then i received a call from my course mate that our lecturer will hold an extra class in C2...
I quickly ran into the bathroom and cleaned up myself.
The bathroom hampir sesak!!!
OMG!!!why so many people rushing in time????*help*
Finally i got into the bathroom and few minutes later.......
I got myself clean and clear!!!
ran down to the classroom!!!
Damn far!!!*help*
Never mind...can do more exercises...*keep fit*

Few minutes after entering the class, a phone rang!!!*ring*
My roommate fall in a faint inside the bathroom...
Then she keep talking alone in front of the door...
Then keep on screaming.....
After few minutes, she fall in a faint again!!!
What a terrible morning????
In my room, there was only 2 people inside the room including victim and the other was sleeping at that time....
That girl try to run from 2nd floor to the bottom floor without control.

My the other roommate call a people in religious conscience to our room...
She is falling 'something'!!!

Her eyes rolling upward...
keep on talking alone...
It was too scary!!!
I ran out from the room and hide into another room!!!
*help* *help* *help* *help* *help*

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