Saturday, October 17, 2009

people in this world

In this 21st century, there are many types of people.
  1. People who are never learn from the false
These people are usually selfish, never simply give up, arrogant.This kind of people are useless.They will affect to those weakness.They always show off in front of them.

2. People who are live in their 'wonderland'

These kind of people will never know the repulsive of the world.They always stay away from people who are caring to them.They escape to this world.They do not want to accept this world.

3. People who are abandon

These kind of people loss of LOVE in their life.These people are usually single-parent family.They try to do something bad to get attentions from others.They will try to play truant,steal things,having drugs,etc.

4. People who are solitary

These people are pitiful.They have no choice to escape from this cruel world.They try to learn from others but nobody want to accept them.

The different personalities of human beings is the most scary things in the world!!!!

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