Friday, October 23, 2009


Yesterday night about 7.45pm, since i am going to Sunway Pyramid for a dinner, a stupid,crazy, from the front of ours car BUMP us!!!!

This incident was happen at the car park B2.
This car was a PERSONA.
It was white n color.
The register number is BDG 4596.
If some1 saw this car, please help us to report to the police.

This stupid driver is a Indian.
On that time, there were 5 peoples inside the car.

After knock our car bumper, they came out from the car.
They check their backside.......then the driver(Indian) put his hand up, give a previous notice, then straight away ran off....WTF!!!!*angry*

Our car bumper change position.
Then our car plate broke.

Who will pay us??????
How we gonna to find this stupid driver????

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