Friday, March 27, 2009

Chan Wa Band Mini Concert 2009

On 21st March 2009,chan wa band held a mini concert @ chan wa hall~~~~
All the members start to prepare from afternoon.....

At abt 8.00 pm, concert start!!! proud to be an ex-member of chan wa band~~~

After the speech from headmaster,the concert begin from the outdoors marching conducted by our ADM, Hui Li.....*Yeah*

On tat nite, our members perform 5 songs.There are 'Star Wars', 'Humoresque', I'll be There For You', 'Centuria', and 'Hot Latin'....

The most touching section is when they perform Hymns Of Chan Wa Band~~~~The great show makes everyone in the hall impress to us.....

Although tdy is the most tired day to me, but it is worth.....everything is worth now for me!!!
Hope tat our band will always give us an unforgettable day to every1~~~~

My lovely members......muackss~~~


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Leonard said...

woohoo Chan Wa band rocks.

Btw.. thanks for having my blog link on yours man..
Appreciate it !