Friday, January 14, 2011

Kota Kinabalu trip [part 2]

The day grows with wonderful day in the second day!
We woke up in the early morning.

After our breakfast, curry laksa, we continue our activities of the day.
On the way to Jesselton Point Terminal Jetty, we bought our-self a DiriWan...haha...a numbER!!
Buying for only RM 1 but we have to pay RM 1.15!!
Walao ei......Tax some more!! *gosh*
After a long walk, we finally reached at the jetty.

We went to Jesselton Point Jetty to visit to Tengku Abdul Rahman Park.
After settle-ing everything, we STARTED our WET SESSION!!

We took our speedboat ride with 4 leng zai from Aussie, Canada....*laugh*
They are so friendly and nice.
And my three "38" friends took a photo shooting with them.

We visited to 2 islands, Pualu Sapi and Pulau Manukan.
This 2 nice, clean islands are full with leng zai and leng lui!!*laugh*
On the way to this 2 islands, we had our FLY with them...*laugh*
Preparing to FLY!
Let's FLY now!!
I think we are the most gek po customers la..always kacau people while they are driving...*heee*
Shooting while the speedboat running..

We have our snorkeling session too...
There are corpion fish, Blue-spotted rays, cuttlefish, mantis shrimps and the occasional green or hawksbill turtle.
But!!! We just saw some only!!!
The coral is too deep, so can't get there lol...

There is it!! Pulau Sapi...
And also Pulau Manukan!!
Have a great day in these 2 islands!!
Love it so MUCH!!!
The day ended with a drink in BB cafe& grills!!
I Love the drink tooo.....

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