Sunday, March 28, 2010

When Human from Hell to Heaven

Last Friday, I ran out from the jungle to the place of Human-Heaven with a gal.

Both of us were happy to leave the Hell and flied away to Heaven.

This is the 1st trip of this new semester.

We are so so so so so x10000000 EXCITED when we plan to have a short walk to Malacca.

It took us 1 hour to arrive Malacca Historical Town from Alor Elephant, JUNGLE.*laugh*

Before we start our journey, we had our breakfast in my Alor Elephant.

This shop I had visited many times but I haven't tried before the bread so I order some.

This kaya butter inside the bread is hot and nice to try.

The town look nice and HOT.

We took a lot of photos and some interesting view.

Finally our trip ended up with lunch.

Bye, Malacca.
Will visit YOU again in this coming June.
In 2010, Malacca is the town in charge of Sukan Malaysia 2010.
SUKMA is COming!!!

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