Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The last event for March 2010

Time flied!!

Today,31st March 2010, the last day for this March 2010.
For this meaningful month, many things happened.
Last Saturday, my college holds an event in MIBC, Malacca.
In MIBC, where is also name Melaka International Bowling Center, you sure will know what event is holding in this place.

Ya!!It is totally a Bowling Competition.
This activity is one of the most popular activities in my college which is located in Alor Elephant, Melaka where I always mention that IT IS A HELL!!!!

Normally, this activity will hold in Plaza Melaka Raya, the 'laoya' building in Malacca which place in Melaka Raya.

But, for this year 2010, we changed the location.
We moved the place to the HEAVEN.

Although I am committee member for this event, I do easy things.
My work is totally finished early before the activity start.
I do find sponsorships!!
This responsible is to find people to give us some support in financial nor objects.
The competition started at 10 am and ended at 1pm.Although it is short, it is fun and enjoyable.

After few month of doing preparation and planning, finally the activity ended up with happiness and tiredness.

The most funniest group with their Strawberry's t-shirts!!

A big thank you to all others AJK too!!

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