Thursday, May 17, 2012

Ipoh Road Trip

Just came back from Ipoh few days ago..
Had a very wonderful and adventure trip..
5 of us, and i be the driver for the journey..
Meet our leng lui course mate who are from Ipoh.

Start our journey at 6.30am and reach Ipoh at around 8.30am.
The 1st station was Min Court DimSum..
The old style DimSum restaurant in Ipoh...
We had our nice breakfast all the way from KL.
I love their lo mai kai...*yummy*
The egg tart with multilayer skin...

After the some Dimsum, we decide to have the most famous white coffee in Ipoh.
There are 2 shops in between which are Sin Yoon Loong & Sun Yuan Foong.

We get into Sun Yuan Foong..

Ordered some ice white coffee, chee cheong fan ( quite famous here), some pastry,etc.

Meet our leng lui here...
Our tour guide in Ipoh...
Friendly, warm, hospitable...
Then, she brings us to the cave in Ipoh..
The 1st cave near Gunung Rapat, the Kek Look Tong.

The whole family guided us here.
Even her mummy also very nice and friendly.
She brought her auntie, uncle, sister, cousin along too..
We felf paiseh lo...><

Let's have a group photo with her mummy...
2 leng lui leh!!

Then, she brings us to Perak Cave..
Another cave in Ipoh..
Climb there..
sweaty trip...
Lunchie after the tired climb..
The Ipoh Tauge & Chicken..
Near old town here..
Lou Wong Ipoh Nga Choy Kai...
We ordered some to try..
The tauge in Ipoh look short and "fat"..*hehe*
The chicken tasted nice, good..the skin is smooth....
Last but not least, the salty chicken..
Best in the town.. Aun Kheng Lim
Come Ipoh, back with Salty Chicken..
Rm17 per pack.
The 3 little course mates with their CHICKEN!! *LOL*

Trip ended with lots of joy... 
Thank you so much for the acc from our leng lui tour guide, Jac...

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