Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Happy Belated Birthday!!

Happy Birthday, Mr.Tuba!! 
This is a special occasion in this end of January!
Have a quit simulate break with you in Genting!!
Haha...Your driving skill........*yan wong*
We had a wonderful cold time in this raining Genting...
After N-years, I stepped in this highland again!!
Thank you so much!!

Thank you that you bring me to have so many vegetables!!
Veges time is so "amazing"!!*haha*
This 2 days, my 1st time to have so many vegetables....
Have our buffet with vegetables, you teach the chef to cook real vegetarian food!!
So professional leh!!!*haha*

And this is the only souvenir for this Break!!
The fighting with the BAsketBAll!!
Thank you so much for this stimulate Break!!*haha*
Happy Birthday!!

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